Decoral Surface Solutions

Experience the future of metal surface decoration with Decoral Solutions by Proficient Coatings and bring your creative visions to life.

Decoral Solutions by Proficient Coatings

Decoral Solutions by Proficient Coatings introduces a pioneering technology in metal surface decoration, developed in 1993. Our process is founded on the principles of sublimation, creating stunning decorative finishes on a wide range of metal surfaces. By combining the durability of powder coating with the versatility of heat-transfer films, we offer a transformational solution that replicates the look and feel of natural materials like woodgrain, marble, corten, and virtually any image, all while maintaining the integrity of the metal substrate. Our decorated products can also be certified for outdoor use, ensuring longevity and resilience in various applications.

The Decoral Process

Metal Substrate

The Decoral® process primarily caters to aluminium and steel substrates but can be adapted to other materials, provided they can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C without deformation. This high temperature is essential for transferring inks from the film to the coating layer, resulting in a durable and visually stunning finish.



The pre-treatment stage is crucial as it cleans and safeguards the metal surface against corrosion and environmental wear and tear. Proper pre-treatment ensures the metal substrate is primed for powder coating, guaranteeing a high-quality finish.


Powder Coating

The pre-treated metal substrate undergoes powder coating using electrostatic guns, followed by curing in an oven according to technical data sheet specifications. The base coat provides protection against weather, corrosion, and abrasion. Our powder coatings, formulated with polyester or polyurethane resins, are eco-friendly, containing no solvents or heavy metals.



The decorative transformation begins by wrapping the object in a heat-transfer film featuring the desired decorative pattern. Subsequently, vacuum sealing ensures a secure bond to the metal surface. The assembly is then placed inside a Decoral® oven, where heat and pressure facilitate the transfer of inks from the film onto the coating layer. After a brief period, the object is removed from the machinery, and the exhausted film is peeled away to unveil the intricately detailed decorative pattern.


Final Result

Decoral Solutions by Proficient Coatings empowers you to achieve the finish you desire on a wide range of products. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of lighting fixtures, handrails, furniture, flooring, fencing, shutters, signage, or promotional items, our innovative metal surface decoration process delivers stunning results. With Decoral Solutions, you can transform metal into art, combining aesthetics with durability and performance.


Experience the future of metal surface decoration with Decoral Solutions by Proficient Coatings and bring your creative visions to life.

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