Empowering Architects with NeroShield

Empower your designs with Neroshield™ fire retardant technology and experience unparalleled freedom in architectural creativity, compliance with fire-safety regulations, and peace of mind for your clients. With Proficient Coatings™ as your partner, you can enhance safety while pushing the boundaries of design and construction. Join us in the future of fire safety and design innovation with Neroshield™.

Empowering Architects, Fire-Safety Engineers, Developers, and Builders with Neroshield™ Fire Retardant Technology

As architects, fire-safety engineers, developers, or builders, you understand the delicate balance between artistic expression and the necessity to adhere to stringent fire-safety standards. The frustration of having your design vision compromised or dealing with complex fire-safety compliance challenges is all too familiar. Proficient Coatings™ is here to provide a revolutionary solution—Neroshield™ fire retardant technology.

Unlocking Design Potential

Neroshield™ offers you the freedom to marry artistic creativity with functional safety. Traditional fire-safety standards can often stifle your designs and lead to costly workarounds. Neroshield™ changes the game by allowing you to push the boundaries of architectural and structural design while ensuring compliance with fire-safety regulations. It liberates your designs, enabling buildings that stand out and increase the value engineered into your projects. Say goodbye to cumbersome workarounds and hello to streamlined construction processes.

Superior Fire Retardant Technology

Neroshield™ is a technologically advanced, UL Listed and Certified fire retardant. It can be field-applied or integrated into the manufacturing process. Unlike traditional products like MonokoteTM or intumescent paints, NeroshieldTM offers numerous advantages:

Non-Intrusive Application Neroshield™ is thin and non-obtrusive, allowing it to blend seamlessly into architectural designs without compromising aesthetics.

Cost-Effective It can be applied in thinner layers, reducing material costs and man-hours while offering superior fire protection.

Versatile Application Neroshield™ can be applied in the field or in the shop, providing flexibility in construction.

Compliance with Building Codes

Neroshield™ has undergone rigorous testing and certification, meeting and exceeding requirements set by UL, ASTM, NFPA, and MVSS. It aligns with the International Building Code (IBC) 2021, Section 104.11, allowing for the utilization of alternative materials, designs, and methods of construction to achieve required ratings.

Case Study – 08-08-2023

An illustrative case study showcases Neroshield™’s practicality and effectiveness in action. In a Las Vegas resort hotel built circa 1989, an entire floor of room remodeling was required. Neroshield™ played a crucial role in achieving a 2-hour fire rating for the subfloor/ceiling assembly while addressing challenges arising from shower modifications and PVC plumbing protrusions.

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