Industrial Powder Coating

Proficient Coatings is your trusted partner for industrial powder coating needs in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Industrial Powder Coating Solutions

Proficient Powder Coatings offers comprehensive industrial powder coating services to meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether the project is large or small. With our state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to quality, we take pride in delivering top-notch powder coating solutions to our customers in the Las Vegas valley and beyond.

Our Facilities and Capabilities

We have invested in cutting-edge equipment and facilities to provide the best powder coating services possible. Our offerings include

Two Industrial Spray Booths

Equipped to handle a wide range of items, our spray booths ensure precise and even coating application.

Sand Blasting Facility

We employ specialized sandblasting equipment to prepare surfaces for coating, removing rust and debris effectively.

Drive-In Sized Oven

Our large oven accommodates sizable items, ensuring proper curing and long-lasting durability of the powder coating.

Phosphate Wash Pre-Treatment

Proficient Powder Coatings stands out by performing phosphate wash pre-treatment on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals before powder coating. This process enhances adhesion, provides an even coating, and offers environmental benefits while protecting metals from rust.

Benefits of our Powder Coating

  • High-Quality Finishes Proficient Powder Coatings is committed to delivering superior finishes on all projects.
  • Environmental Friendliness Our coating system is environmentally friendly and provides long-lasting durability compared to traditional paint.
  • Rust Protection Our phosphate wash pre-treatment and thorough cleaning protect your metals from rust.


We have successfully applied our powder coat services in various sectors, including but not limited to.


Providing durable coatings for industrial equipment and machinery.


Enhancing the aesthetics and durability of commercial products and structures.


Protecting various types of metals with quality powder coatings.


Offering coatings that meet the standards of retail environments.


Enhancing the appearance and protection of residential items and structures.


Tailoring our services to unique and specialized applications.


Powder coating automotive parts for both appearance and performance.


Improving the durability and visual appeal of furniture pieces.

Whether you require coating services for industrial, commercial, automotive, or residential applications, we have the expertise and facilities to provide the high-quality finishes you deserve. Choose Proficient Powder Coatings for reliability, durability, and excellence in powder coating solutions.

The Industrial Powder
Coating Process

Proficient Powder Coatings is renowned for delivering high-quality finishes on every item we powder coat. Our process includes the following steps.

Sand Blasting

We start by sandblasting items to remove rust and debris, ensuring a clean surface for coating.

Phosphate Coating

We apply phosphate coating as part of our cleaning process, enhancing the longevity of the finish and ensuring it adheres securely to the metal.

Powder Coating

Your items are powder coated to your desired color and specifications, utilizing our environmentally friendly coating system.

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