Structural Steel Protection

The protection of structural steel is paramount for ensuring the longevity and safety of any building or infrastructure. At Proficient Coatings™, we specialize in providing advanced protective coatings for structural steel, effectively shielding it from corrosion and the detrimental effects of weathering that can compromise structural integrity.

Advanced Fire-Safety Solutions

Our meticulously selected coatings solutions are engineered to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, guaranteeing the durability and robustness of your structural steel. With a commitment to superior surface preparation and application, we adhere to the highest standards to deliver exceptional performance and protection. Whether you’re dealing with bridges, high-rise buildings, or industrial facilities, our expertise in structural steel coatings offers peace of mind, safeguarding your critical assets and investments.

In many cases, fire-safety regulations necessitate the application of flame-resistant substances or materials to structural beams to maintain their structural integrity in the event of a fire. Historically, products like MonokoteTM and intumescent paints have been utilized for this purpose. However, both these products come with limitations and drawbacks. MonokoteTM, for example, is a messy and cumbersome product that degrades over time, leading to maintenance challenges and aesthetic concerns, making exposed beam construction for architectural appeal impractical.

Introducing Neroshield

Neroshield™ represents a revolutionary solution to these challenges. It is a thin, non-obtrusive substance that delicately coats the surface of the substrate. Unlike messy alternatives, Neroshield™ is tidy and can be tinted to match various hues, allowing it to blend seamlessly into architectural designs. It can be applied both in the field and in the shop, offering versatile application options.


Neroshield™ works by bonding with the substrate, fundamentally altering the molecular structure at the surface. This bonding effect enables Neroshield™ to be applied in significantly thinner layers compared to traditional products. The result is superior fire protection at reduced material costs and with fewer man-hours required for application.

Why Choose Proficient Coatings for Structural Steel Protection

By partnering with Proficient Coatings for your structural steel protection needs, you are making a strategic choice that benefits your architectural, labor, and field teams while simultaneously saving your customers time and money. You also minimize future risk exposure for your firm and your customers, ensuring that structural steel remains robust, safe, and resilient.

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